Thursday, December 27, 2007

Watching the U.S. self-destruct from afar....

George Bush has undoubtedly done the greatest damage to the United States of any president in history. He has also put the rest of the world at grave risk by dragging the global economy down with the decline of the United States and its once almighty dollar. Imagine, 500 billion U.S. dollars wasted so far to devastate a country that did absolutely nothing to deserve such treatment. Granted, Saddam Hussein waged an 8 year war with Iran, but it was paid for with cash and in the end the country was stable, even if ruled by a despot. What now? Chaos, rubble, disaster. A destabilized region, a weakened America. It is so easy to see from a distance as an ex-pat living far across the water. I've been watching the slow build-up to ultimate self-destruction at a distance for almost 15 years now. But even those still back in the U.S. are waking up to increasing signs of impending doom. My American friends now tell me that a major topic of conversation at cocktail parties back home these days is to what country it would be best to emigrate. I'm telling them the Czech Republic and Prague is too expensive now, the decline of the dollar, you know...

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