Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Prague: Drunken City Policeman Stabs American Soldier to Death

Prague - After an argument between two men, one attacked the other with a knife and stabbed him him to death. The attacker was a drunken Prague city policeman. The incident took place around one-thirty in the morning in Ceskomoravska Street near the Sazka Arena. Eva Brozova from the Prague Police confirmed that the deceased was a forty-five year old citizen of the United States.

According to a reliable source (Pravo, daily news) the victim was an American soldier. The American Embassy refused to confirm that the victim was a U.S. citizen and only stated that he wasn't anyone from the embassy. Sources: and Pravo (Translated and summarized by PragueBob)

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Czechs in Iraq were the target of a rocket attack: two injured

Two Czech soldiers were slightly injured during a rocket attack on the Czech contingent in Basra in southern Iraq early Sunday morning. Andrej Cirtek, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense, confirmed this for

-news item translated by PragueBob

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Czech Egyptologists Find A Grave From The Time Of The Pyramids

Czech Egyptologists have made a unique discovery, the likes of which hasn't been seen for half a century. In the area of the pyramid fields they discovered an undisturbed grave dating from the time of the ancient Egyptian empire, more than four and a half thousand years old.

The burial chamber, which belonged to the priest Neferinpu, was hidden at the bottom of a ten meter deep shaft and the entrance to it was walled-up. When the entrance to it was found, scientists slowly dismantled the wall and lowered themselves in.

"And there you are standing on the threshold of an un-robbed burial chamber. A person experiences a little bit of the feelings of Indiana Jones," says Miroslav Barta, who led the work of the Czech Egyptologists in southern Abusir. According to him, however, these discoverer's feelings are quickly overshadowed by concerns that the unique discovery is processed without any mistakes.

"A chamber of size roughly four by two meters was jammed with ancient artifacts. You musn't rub against anything, in order not to damage any discovery. Everything must be photographed, mapped, sketched and numbered."

It took three days, until November 12, at which point the scientists were able to open the lid of the sarcophagus. In it were lying the remains of the priest Neferínpu with decorations and jewelry. Afterwards they examined the remains and other objects, and only just now have made public the details of their unique discovery.

Author: Stanislav Drahny, MF DNES (Translated and summarized by: PragueBob)

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Mafia Influenced the Czech Ministry of Defense

Because of fraud in the army in excess of a hundred million Czech crowns (CZK), police have already accused 24 people.

Prague - Organized crime has in the past penetrated the highest levels of the Czech Ministry of Defense. This news comes from the latest investigation by criminologists from the Division for Exposing Corruption and Financial Crime.

High Commissioner Roman Skrepek moreover confirmed that police are in the process of apprehending 14 new people. In total 24 influential clerks of the Ministry of Defense (former as of today) along with complicit businessmen are already accused. "This is about one of the most widespread cases of corruption", says Skrepek. About the exceptionality of the case even prosecutor Barnabas Liska says: "The case has all the signs of criminal conspiracy." Stated in a different way the mafia impinged on the ministry, which, thanks to manipulated contracts, lost tens of millions.

Author: JAN GAZDIK, MF DNES (Summary and translation by: PragueBob)

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