Friday, January 4, 2008

Mafia Influenced the Czech Ministry of Defense

Because of fraud in the army in excess of a hundred million Czech crowns (CZK), police have already accused 24 people.

Prague - Organized crime has in the past penetrated the highest levels of the Czech Ministry of Defense. This news comes from the latest investigation by criminologists from the Division for Exposing Corruption and Financial Crime.

High Commissioner Roman Skrepek moreover confirmed that police are in the process of apprehending 14 new people. In total 24 influential clerks of the Ministry of Defense (former as of today) along with complicit businessmen are already accused. "This is about one of the most widespread cases of corruption", says Skrepek. About the exceptionality of the case even prosecutor Barnabas Liska says: "The case has all the signs of criminal conspiracy." Stated in a different way the mafia impinged on the ministry, which, thanks to manipulated contracts, lost tens of millions.

Author: JAN GAZDIK, MF DNES (Summary and translation by: PragueBob)

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