Sunday, February 24, 2008

Foreigners Who Want Czech Residency Will Have To Speak Czech

Prague - Foreigners in the Czech Republic applying for permanent residency or citizenship will soon have to pass a Czech language exam. Starting next year anyone wishing permanent residency will have to speak Czech at level A1, meaning the ability to communicate and to manage basic day-to-day living situations. Those wishing citizenship will have to pass the much harder test at level A2. "Knowledge of the Czech language or language integration is a basic prerequisite for any sort of integration", stated the Minister for Human Rights, Dzamila Stehlikova. (source: The author has just added a Czech language widget to this blog for those needing to start learning Czech.

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1 comment:

Adam Daniel Mezei said...

Hi Bob,

I'm really enjoying the Czech language widget. Nice touch -- but is there perhaps any way of raising it up and bringing it more in line with the current posting? So that one doesn't have to scroll down?

If you hadn't mentioned it in the post itself, I'd not have known about it, is all I'm saying. :-)

Nice going!


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