Monday, February 11, 2008

A Sad Day For Democracy in the Czech Republic

Prague - Opinion - One of the murderers of Milada Horakova will go unpunished, after being sentenced to only eight years in prison for her deed. Milada Horakova was a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps and a prominent democratic politician who was arrested on trumped-up charges of treason by the Communists, subjected to a show trial, and then executed in 1950, when she was 49 years old. Ludmila Brozova-Polednova, a former prosecutor during the Communist regime was tried and convicted for the murder last year, but today the High Court in Prague ruled that the statute of limitations for the crime had been breached and set her free. I personally feel this action by the High Court in Prague is in itself a crime. In my opinion, an overhaul of the entire Czech court system is long overdue, since Communists continue to sit on the bench nearly 20 years after the Velvet Revolution. Today was a sad day for democracy in the Czech Republic, and an ominous reminder that the Communists have never left Prague.

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