Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Vaclav Klaus Will Sign His Czech Presidential Oath With A $60,000 Pen

Prague - On Friday Vaclav Klaus will sign his second Czech presidential oath of office, this time with a limited edition pen that would carry a $60,000 price tag if it were actually for sale. The pen is part of a set of ten created especially for Czech presidents by Koh-i-noor and donated by the company to the government. Koh-i-noor's company director Hardtmuth Vlastislav Briza said the inspiration for creating the pens came from the first time Vaclav Klaus signed his oath of office five years ago, when the pen given to him wouldn't write and he had to use his own instead. The new presidential pens are made from the highest quality materials including 18-karat gold and platinum. (source: Pravo)

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