Monday, September 1, 2008

Tomas Bata, Czech Shoe Magnate Dies at 93

Prague - Tomas Bata died in a Toronto hospital today. He was 93. Bata's name is practically synonymous with shoes in some parts of the world, thanks to the international success of the company founded by his father, who is also credited with dreaming up the retail pricing model just under the next highest dollar, like "$9.99". It seems like yesterday that I took my mom to Tomas Bata's 90th birthday breakfast here in Prague. The wife of the American ambassador to the Czech Republic was there and by strange coincidence my mom knew her from years before, when she was still a newlywed. They hugged each other and exchanged enough surprised remarks that for a few minutes the cameras were trained on my mom, mistakenly thinking that she must be some international celebrity or VIP like Bata himself, which in her own way I guess she was. Tomas Bata outlived her by several years. They were both young for their years.

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1 comment:

Deepa said...

I love seeing a city from the eyes of a person who lives there and loves it as in your blog

I think no Indian kid (me included)at least in the cities/metros has grown up without Bata shoes and footwear. It is a legacy in this country too so it was nice to read this little post. I want to try and link to it- hope I get the time and do it!

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